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This is beauty from start to finish. Thank you from every inch of my heart for sharing your birth stories. They will inspire families everywhere and give hope to women who are about to take the same steps you journeyed, and give those of us who have yet to venture to this point a chance to take a step into the absolute love and beauty that motherhood is. It is a gift you've given us... thank you! I love you, I am proud and so happy! You worked your ass off to get to this point. Congratulations, my dear, Rosie <3


The stories and the video both brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears!

Marcie Pomeroy

Beautiful Rose!


Thank you SO much for this story. I'm 37 weeks hoping for my own HBA2C with my last being an HBAC to CBAC as well. This is JUST what I needed--amazing story, thank you again so much for sharing!


^^^AND we had our HBA2C early in the morning, 12/9/12. 9.13# baby boy!!!!! Thank you again for providing inspiration in the last weeks of my pregnancy.

Rosie Posie Baby.com

HBA2CMamaNow! Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing your experience I am over the moon for you and your healthy 9.13# boy! Wow!
Peace and Love mama!

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